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A Visit To College Memorial Park Cemetery In Houston, Texas USA

Welcome to College Memorial Park Cemetery in Houston, TX. This is one of three existing Black Cemeteries in Houston from the 1800s when the city was segregated along racial lines.

College Memorial Park Cemetery

College Memorial Park Cemetery

The oldest headstone discovered is dated 1892. The total number of burials here is about 5,000.

You can find out more about College Memorial Park Cemetery (3525 West Dallas, Houston TX) at

There is actually a 501(c)3 association that takes care of the place. They have Volunteer Meetup every second Saturday of the month where volunteers go and help to upkeep the cemetery. You also get a chance to learn about its history.

If you so desire, you can make a donation to the restoration and care of the Cemetery.

These videos gives you an insight into what life in Houston, Texas USA was like back in the 1800s.

This is the story of Lucy Waller as told by Randy



This is the story of Annie Pruitt Hagen


Right back in that area is another one of the famous women is here she did not have a head does not have a headstone.

Now, I don’t know if she could at one point. And her name was Annie Pruitt Hagen. And Mrs. Hagan came to Houston with 50 cents in her pocket.

She ended up starting the first school that allowed for nurses, that allow Black women in it.

And so she educated herself when she got to Houston, working with doctors and working as a midwife, and got herself educated and saw the opportunity to try and help the other women in the Fourth Ward.

And so she started a school for nurses. At that point in time, Reverend Yates, one of his big mantras was education. The other was property ownership. And she owned her house.

She owned two rental houses, and some other property around town. Which, when you think about it, late 1800s that period of time, it was really difficult for a Black person to buy a piece of property and own it, It took a, (especially a woman). Yeah, exactly. let alone a woman to do it. So, she was a real groundbreaker.


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